Webinar #5:
Get Connected, Get Paid: Using Document Control to Boost Business

Thursday, May 26, 9am PST/ 12pm EST

Spreadsheets, timecards, manual reporting — decades-old document systems aren’t going to cut it for today’s trade contractors. Join eSUB's Derek Hansen for our latest Beyond the Grind webinar on how to take better control of your documents — RFIs, purchase and change orders, submittals, field activity, and everything vital to project success — leads to faster turnarounds and improved productivity. Bring your coffee, so you can focus on an engaging discussion of all the ways you can take your documentation to the next level by connecting field and the office teams, centralizing the creation and storage of documents, and so much more.

Topics will include:

  • Creating and attaching documents, sending out POs, RFIs, COs and Submittals
  • Document compliance streamlined process with all documents in a similar workflow
  • Centralize all creation, tracking and storage of documents in one place

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