Webinar #8:
Connecting Operations and Accounting with Integration 

Thursday, July 26, 9am PST/ 12pm EST

Ready to get an hour back in your day? In our next webinar learn how eSUB can help your team reduce double entry and improve efficiency with integrations. Join eSUB experts Derek Hansen and Craig Wren for a discussion on how eSUB Cloud securely integrates with leading solutions. We will take a look at eSUB's accounting, time management/ payroll, drawing and design integration and find out how integrations can put all your data at your fingertips when you need it. Learn about the benefits of having cross-platform communications and integrations to facilitate the sharing of key information between teams, whether in the field or office. 

You Will Learn: 

  • Accounting integrations eSUB offers
  • How integrations will reduce double entry
  • Ways integrations can prevent delays, improve, data accuracy, and track outstanding documents 
  • How to set up workflows to provide accurate data from multiple systems  


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