Easy-to-use Construction Drawing Management

  • Simplify and facilitate RFI workflows
  • Easily access the latest drawing versions
  • Quickly identify and communicate discrepancies

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Get the Most Up-to-Date Drawings
Anytime, Anywhere.

Drawings on eSUB Cloud makes it easy to share, view and mark-up the latest version of project plans whether in the field or office.

eSUB Makes Drawings Access Easy

eSUB’s Drawings capabilities let trade contractors more easily access and manage their plans to keep projects moving forward. Users can view the latest drawings whether in the office or on the go. Everyone who needs access to drawings gets the most up-to-date version to stay on the same page and avoid costly confusion.
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Manage Your Drawings Where You Manage Your Project

Drawings integrates seamlessly with the established workflows in eSUB Cloud to let trade contractors manage their project documents and drawings revisions in one place. Wave goodbye to separate systems that treat drawings and plans separately from other project documents.

Field Access to Drawings, at Your Fingertips

Identify and communicate issues and discrepancies between the job site and drawings. Make mark ups from the field. Clear access to view the latest drawing revision and visibility into potential changes and issues. Even use drawings or plans to facilitate RFIs.